• Cash divides insurers' allocation strategies

    01 August 2023

    Mapfre and Scor both reduced cash this year as many champion the asset class

  • Green shoots appear for biodiversity investing - but is it the natural habitat for insurers?

    26 June 2023

    It seems like it's on everyone's lips, but where should investors start to think about biodiversity, when it comes to investing in positive-impact assets? Josh Adcock asks asset owners and managers where they see opportunities flourishing, and how to weed out the wrong strategies

  • Why ESG has insurers running in circles

    19 June 2023

    Insurers at Insurance Asset Risk's EMEA 2023 conference took issue with the real impact - or lack thereof - that currently sustainability regulation and ESG reporting standards can actually have, finding that trying to compare their own progress or that of their investee companies can have them feeling trapped in a nightmare. Josh Adcock reports

  • IAR EMEA: Investors need to rethink ESG metrics

    13 June 2023

    According to CIOs and sustainability officers on climate-related reporting

  • Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2023 conference round up

    12 June 2023

    The conference was held in London on 12 June and highlighted the investment risks and opportunities facing insurers. Vincent Huck reports

  • SCOR CIO takes on CFO and deputy CEO roles

    30 May 2023

    Francois de Varenne acted as interim CEO for Q1 2023

  • Large insurance groups' solvency budged only mildly, if spreads worsen

    26 April 2023

    Analysis by IRD backs Moody's findings on major groups' strong ratios

  • Consultation launched on framework to assess climate in sovereign bonds

    08 February 2023

    Final tool to be released by the end of the year

  • Comment - Is Australia on the verge of needing large ranks of CIOS?

    03 February 2023

    If hard-to-insure communities turn to mutuals as climate change intensifies losses, as private sector property insurers 'run from the hills', CIOs are going to be in demand

  • Global insurers sign up to PRI Advance initiative

    02 December 2022

    A collaborative stewardship initiative on social issues and human rights