• Hong Kong’s insurers gearing up for risk-based capital

    31 May 2019

    In Hong Kong, local stakeholders tell Vincent Huck how they are getting ready for a risk-based capital regime which will require them to put in place ALM strategies and define their investment risk appetite.

  • Asset risk: biggest risk for Asian insurers

    02 May 2019

    With a lack of domestic long dated assets to match their long-term liabilities and some restrictions on overseas investments, Asian insurers’ biggest risk exposure comes from their investments. In Hong Kong, Vincent Huck meets with regional and local stakeholders to understand how they are coping and their expectations for the upcoming changes in regulations.

  • China’s Belt & Road: where are the insurers’ investments?

    25 April 2019

    As China celebrates the sixth year of its initiative this week, insurers remain reluctant to invest in its projects. Vincent Huck asks why