• Caught between responsible investing and fiduciary duty?

    08 November 2023

    Panellists at Insurance Asset Risk's Responsible Investing for Insurers 2023 conference debated the duty of insurers to make sustainability and ESG a priority, as well as the unknown value of doing so

  • IAR RI: Investor sustainability impact a delusion, Foresters Friendly's CIO says

    16 October 2023

    Corrado Pistarino questions value and duty of insurers prioritising sustainable investments

  • UK insurers looking to make the most of gilts crunch

    11 October 2023

    Gilts are becoming increasingly attractive to some - but not everyone is convinced

  • Smoke and mirrors exercise in assessing climate risk in sovereigns

    04 September 2023

    NZAOA puts draft fourth edition of target-setting protocol up for public consultation

  • Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2023 conference round up

    12 June 2023

    The conference was held in London on 12 June and highlighted the investment risks and opportunities facing insurers. Vincent Huck reports

  • Structural inflationary pressure could persist for long term, IAR EMEA conference told

    12 June 2023

    Due to global conflict and transition needs, say IAR EMEA 2023 conference panelists

  • IAR EMEA conference hears the macro "pain is yet to come"

    12 June 2023

    CIO remains puzzled by policies in the US

  • IAR investing in real assets conference 2023 roundup

    28 March 2023

    Panellists discuss the secular macro and geopolitical trends affecting their investment decisions in real assets

  • Insurers face "pressure in the pipes" of the metaphorical plumbing of the financial system

    28 March 2023

    Panellists say at Insurance Asset Risk investing in real assets conference

  • Vain hopes, vain aims, inordinate desires? (Part 2)

    08 February 2023

    A market view on ESG, by Corrado Pistarino, chief investment officer at Foresters Friendly Society