• Comment - Why the planet may well thank Swiss Re's CEO Christian Mumenthaler

    03 April 2024

    Swiss Re announced today Mumenthaler will leave the group - destination unknown - in July

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    01 April 2024

    Insurers discussed the current macro-economic environment and implications for investing in real assets at Insurance Asset Risk conference

  • Planet's largest investors "absolutely" have enough financial firepower to combat, and pay for, warming climate, Swiss Re says

    29 March 2024

    Reinsurer's Moses Ojeisekhoba says climate-infrastructure benefits societies broadly, boosting yields on other local assets

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    14 March 2024

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    14 March 2024

    ERGO group finding investing in ESG infrastructure more difficult than expected

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    28 November 2023

    As lagging impact of higher interest rates hits

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    08 June 2023

    The financial market is divided on the likelihood of a recession and the future direction of travel for interest rates. Josh Adcock reports

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    07 February 2023

    Making balance sheet management more important and challenging

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    10 November 2022

    Swiss Re group chief economist Jérôme Jean Haegeli discusses the reinsurer economic outlook and identifies some silver linings. Interview by Vincent Huck

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    05 April 2022

    Online conference taking place on 5th and 6th April