• Chart of the Week - How Europe's CIOs keep falling in love with the U-S-A

    08 March 2024

    The volume of US debt in Europe's general account has grown and grown

  • Chart of the Week: Will insurers join an 'orderly queue', outside Silicon Valley Bank?

    17 March 2023

    From Silicon Valley Bank to Signature Bank, Silvergate to Credit Suisse, all eyes are on financials exposure

  • Chart of the Week - Swedish property woes and homeland GA tilts

    10 February 2023

    Sweden's heavy homeland GA property tilt exposes it to an above-mean domestic price risk

  • US Midterm elections: gridlock is good for insurance investors

    16 November 2022

    With US Congress in the hands of Democrats and the House likely to be won by Republicans it seems that gridlock prevails—to the relief of insurance investors. Sarfraz Thind reports

  • Biden's Infla... Investment Reduction Act?

    05 September 2022

    The US Chamber of Commerce has criticised President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, warning that it will "discourage investments" and "undermine economic growth", but do the means justify the ends when it comes to ESG? Abbie Wood finds out

  • COMMENT - CIOs want to see the fine print for infra

    08 November 2021

    Politicians wield fine words about financing infrastructure - of course, because it's not their money on the line

  • COMMENT: Infrastructure boosted by its own G7 injection

    14 June 2021

    Joe Biden clears insurer CIOs' path to sustainable EM infrastructure

  • Swiss Re sees investment return fall, and warns of worse to come

    19 February 2021

    Avoided many 'fallen angels' and impairments

  • IAR outlook survey: sustainability for the next ten years

    08 February 2021

    Insurance Asset Risk's outlook survey discovered that sustainability is the overarching theme that will influence insurance investor behavior—not just this year but for the next decade and probably beyond. Yet, some are more prepared than others. Sarfraz Thind reports

  • Democrat blue-ripple will lead to investment recalibration

    11 January 2021

    But balanced Senate outcome tempers prospect of radical policy overhaul