• War: A Day in the Life of a CIO

    02 March 2022

    Todd Hedtke, Allianz Life's CIO, talks about how the day Russia invaded Ukraine unfolded for him and his reactions to the seesaw moves in the market.

  • AXA IM launches its first social bond fund

    16 February 2022

    Social bond issuance grew 22% in 2021

  • CIO Interview: Allianz US' Todd Hedtke

    27 December 2021

    Todd Hedtke, chief investment officer at Allianz US, reflects on 2021, a year marked by "very significant changes". Interview by Abbie Wood

  • Net-zero on a transatlantic journey

    01 November 2021

    The concept of net-zero investment portfolio is slowly reaching US shores. Abbie Wood takes the pulse of insurance investors' approach to the idea.

  • Retail the new driver for better ESG investing practices

    07 June 2021

    Insurers face pressure from public to address climate investing, Allianz Life says

  • IAR's global outlook survey 2021: a foggy crystal ball

    01 February 2021

    Respondents to Insurance Asset Risk's outlook survey seem more at the mercy of the financial gods than ever before. Most agree that while the pandemic rages, 2021 will be a damn hard year to predict. Sarfraz Thind reports

  • "If you have to look for a reason to support ESG, then shame on you," Allianz Life CIO says

    28 August 2020

    Hedtke will speak on ESG investing at IAR Americas event in September

  • The year USA investors woke to social investing

    24 August 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the most vulnerable parts of society and highlighted social inequalities globally. In the USA, this combined with the death of George Floyd and the revitalisation of the Black Lives Matter movement, has prompted insurers to embrace 'social investing'. But is this a long-term trend or a one-off? Sarfraz Thind asks.

  • ESG's negative impact on returns - myth or reality?

    29 July 2020

    A growing number of insurers have announced new or upgraded sustainable investment strategies in recent years. JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) and Insurance Asset Risk have joined forces to investigate the drivers behind insurers' sustainable strategies. Vincent Huck reports on the high-level key findings

  • Is winter coming? Allianz's US CIO ponders the market

    19 November 2019

    Allianz's US CIO Todd Hedtke has three main economic concerns right now—low rates, volatility and credit. He talks about the macro environment and how he is navigating the insurer's path through potentially inclement weather. Interview by Sarfraz Thind